Over the past ten years, I have become a strong and highly valued retail consultant in Project and Development Management. After training as an architect, I made my name at several leading retailers. My technical background allows me to communicate well with everybody involved in a project about far more than just the color of the paint on a wall. My open and honest mindset enables me to carefully assess a client's wishes and demands and translate them into realistic and achievable goals. This, combined with my calm and methodical approach, empowers me to complete projects to everyone's satisfaction.


I have extensive experience in national and international retail. As a Project manager, Head of Design, and Development Manager with renowned companies including G-Star, WE Fashion and Urban Outfitters I have dealt with all aspects of retail. From designing to optimizing, from planning to building a store. Furthermore I have experience managing teams and setting up processes and design schemes to optimize projects.


An organization needs order and stability throughout the design and building process. A Project Manager who understands the hectic and fast-paced retail world and takes a strong lead in coordinating all aspects is essential. From opening a new store to a renovation, creating a shop-in-shop or a trade stand, as a freelance or interim Project and Development Manager I will achieve your goals on time and within budget. I also develop User Manuals to establish and maintain continuity and uniformity throughout organizations. I can bring order and stability to your retail world. I can manage the whole Kit & Caboodle.